segunda-feira, 29 de outubro de 2007

Chegou a carta!!! - The letter arrived!!!


Finalmente chegou a nossa carta confirmando a inscrição no processo federal.


25/09/2007 - envio da carta com inscrição, para o consulado em SP
26/09/2007 - recebimento no consulado em SP (conforme SEDEX e o próprio consulado)
15/10/2007 - consulado postou a carta confirmando a inscrição
29/10/2007 - recebimento da carta (interior do RS)

Infelizmente a carta diz que ainda por 16 meses nenhum processo ocorrerá nos nossos arquivos. Talvez, para dar um pouco de esperança, diz que são as estimativas atuais mas as circunstâncias podem mudar.



Finally our letter confirming our inscription in the federal process arrived.

Our timeline

25/09/2007 - we sent the initial form to the Canadian consulate in SP
26/09/2007 - the letter arrived at the consulate in SP (as the post track and the consulate said)
15/10/2007 - consulate posted the letter confirming our inscription
29/10/2007 - letter arrival

Unfortunately the letter also says that for 16 months no process will occur on our file. Maybe to give us a little bit of hope, it says that this is the current estimative but circumstances can change.

segunda-feira, 8 de outubro de 2007

Old posts resume

Mari and I always had the dream to live outside Brazil. When she was 17 she lived for a year in the US and had an experience that I always dreamed. To live in Canada is a good option to this. It's relatively easy and we fulfill the requirements.

There's the necessity to assess the proficiency in English and the IELTS is the required test. To study we bought an preparatory kit so we could learn the format of the test.

As time goes by, in every day we feel the necessity to think about our desires. If we want to buy something, there's always the thought if we really need it now or if we can wait until we get to Canada. In this thoughts there's also some related to other minor things, like boring neighbors that don't respect the condominium laws.

When we were studying about the immigration process we realized that we would only need to send the whole documentation about 8 months after the beginning of the process. So I took the IELTS examination, but the points that I got weren't enough to complete all that is needed. The pass mark is 67 and we got 65. So I'll need to retake the test and improve my grades to earn this two missing points.

As the documentation will only be sent a few months after the opening of the process I'll have enough time to retake the test, so we decided to already start the process by sending the initial form and paying the tax.

Now the next step is to wait their confirmation of the opening. The IELTS exam will be on Dec 1st.

sexta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2007

Mudanças neste blog - Changes to this blog

Alguns amigos dos Estados Unidos querem saber novidades sobre o nosso processo e por isso lhes falamos deste blog; no entanto eles não entendem Português. Assim, passaremos a publicar cada post tanto em Português quanto em Inglês.

Em breve colocarei em Inglês um post com um resumo dos outros.


Some friends of ours from the United States want to now some news from our Immigration Process so we told them about this blog; but there's a problem, they don't understand Portuguese. So, from now on we'll publish each post in Portuguese as also in English.

Soon I'll publish another post with a resume from the previous ones.